Finding the Right Dog Harness

Finding the Right Dog Harness

Finding the Right Dog Harness

What is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is a piece of equipment for a dog which allows better control while out walking or on an outing.  It provides more support for the dog because it covers more of the dog's body than a leash or a collar.

Types of Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses come in two categories dependent upon functionality.  These categories are Dog Walking Harnesses and Dog Mobility Harnesses.

Dog Walking Harnesses allow the dog to walk by the owner's side obediently.  The popular types include the following:

Front Clip

  • Leash attachment in center of dog's sternum.
  • Effective in reducing pulling.
  • Provides directional steering.
  • May need a head halter for additional control.
  • Too much slack may result in tangling under a dog's front legs.

Finding the Right Dog Harness

Back Clip 

  • Leash clips onto a ring on the top of dog's back.
  • Easy to put on and comfortable.
  • Protects a dog's neck.
  • For dogs already trained not pull on the leash.


  • Leash tightens when a dog begins to pull away. 
  • Easy to put on.
  • Primarily used as a training tool when training a dog to walk with a loose leash.
  • Too much pressure may increase a dog's aggression.
  • Requires pressure monitoring.


  • Leash clips onto D-ring located on a dog's back.
  • Used on service dogs, for warmth, and fashion.
  • Not designed for leash training or for dogs not trained to not pull on the leash.
  • Can close in front and back.

Finding the Right Dog Harness

Dog Mobility Harnesses or Support Harnesses assist dogs who need help moving around.  These harnesses lift and distribute a dog's weight.

  • Can stay on a dog for an extended time.
  • Many come with handles and leashes.

Fashionable Dog Harnesses

 If you're a Fashionista and want your dog to be a Fashionista too, there are dog harnesses available in different styles and colors.  Many styles feature double safety closures, quick touch fasteners, matching leashes, and are machine washable.  From dresses to coats, there's a dog harness waiting for your best friend.

Which harness is the best one for your dog?

The best harness for your dog should fit properly and fit the needs of its intended purpose.  You want your dog as comfortable and safe as possible.

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