What I Feel A Collection of Poems

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What I Feel is a PDF poetry book written by K. Hillery. It contains free verse poems about life issues, religion, love, and motivation.


Excerpts from the book:

                                           My Strength


                        The dawn of a new day has come upon me.

                        I fight with the desires unfulfilled.

                        I go to work unsatisfied.

                        I sit in my seat and exist

                        in the world, unhappily.

                        Grateful I am for what I have

                        and hopeful for what I do not have.

                        Time seems to be passing me by.

                        With each second,

                        I feel I am losing ground.

                        I fight to hold on to the essence of me.

                        I fight to believe in me.

                        The outside forces try to break me down,

                        but my strength helps me stand my ground.


                                          Making a Case for Love


                        Love is wonderful and great when new.

                        It melts the heart

                        and diminishes the blues.


                        love can be abused

                        by those with nothing better to do.

                        They take the feeling

                        and abuse its power,

                        leaving the victims confused.

                        Despite the actions of a few,

                        love is universally wonderful and true.


                                       Remembering Nature


                        The wind gently blows the leaves

                        as the birds chirp away.

                        The summer heat strengthens its power

                        as the shade of the trees restricts its reach.

                        The beauty of nature surrounds the city

                        as the people go about their day.

                        A mother takes her child to the park

                        to burn some of the energy away.

                        We all live in a world where sometimes

                        the simplest of things are taken for granted.


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