From Inside Me A Book of Poems

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From Inside Me is a PDF poetry book written by K. Hillery. It contains free verse poems about life issues, religion, love, and motivation.


Excerpts from the book:

Love Will Endure

Love is the facilitator of goodwill,
bearer of good deeds,
messenger of kindness,
and root to happiness.
Love originated the world,
brings together families,
overcomes hate,
and solves problems.
When hate succumbs
and all is lost,
love will have won.


Be Yourself

In life, one must learn to be true.
At times, it may seem hard, but doing it is a very good start
to lifelong happiness.
You must not always try to please people
especially, if you are not pleasing yourself.
You should not have to live by other’s standards.
Live by your own.
If you believe in something, when others do not.
Do not be disappointed and do not give up.
If you happen to be wrong,
at least you know
you were being yourself.
You should not have to follow a pattern.
You should not have to follow anyone’s example.
You should be able to make your own.
We were all born as individuals.
We all should live as individuals.
This is accomplished by being true to ourselves.
Do not worry and do not be scared,
just be you.


Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams my child.
Dream a thousand worlds
with a thousand moons.
Dream a life ambition
with a pinpointed mission.
Dream of a wonderful world
without pain and suffering.
Dream of harmonious families
with love and cheer.
Dream of a satisfied life
every day of the year.